PT Bank Central Asia

“Client’s Success Starts With Your Solutions”

Are you the one that have passion in business and interested to be a trusted partner for our customers?

Having the best training program to sharpen your capabilities, ‘sense of business’, and also ability to enhance customers relationship, we invite you to join BCA Account Officer Program and Relationship Officer Program.

Click this link to register yourself :
Registration will be using a job portal platform (, register by using PC/Laptop to ensure your application went through as well as updating your browser to the latest version.
Make sure you are as detailed as possible when filling in the required data, including the custom questions.
Register before 17 August 2018 to get invitation of first online test batch.
Qualified applicants will be invited to join the next candidate selection process.

Reference info about PAO & PRO :

Submit your application Now! Goodluck!
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